Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

Dana and I bought "our" Christmas present! And i LOVE it!

This year we decided to buy ourselves a larger, joint present and then just do stockings or something small for each other. This is what we purchased:

Did I mention already that I love it? Well, I do!
Sadly, nothing interesting was going on at the house last night to photo so I ended up "practicing" on our Christmas tree.

We're making Gingerbread houses tonight so I will have ample practice time :-) More pictures to come!


  1. Nice camera! My dad is looking to buy one now that he's retired...I have a Canon, you'll have to let me know how that one works out, I've never used a Nikon :-)

  2. Well, I have no clue how to use this one at all. I'm just kinda learning as I go. In a year I'll get back to you!