Thursday, December 10, 2009

What relevance does any of this have?

As promised (at least I think I mind seems to have vacated the premises) here is the dream log so far:

I dreamed about transformers. Yes, like the movie. Gigantic machines.
I also dreamed about joining a gang. Our color was gold. *gags* I look horrible in gold FYI.
I dreamed that I was at the Biggest Loser season finale. Let me tell you just how excited I was until I realized a horrible mistake had been made and it was the finale for NEXT season. I freaked out when all the newly skinny folks started taking the stage because I didn't want to know the ending of next season. But there were too many people in the audience for me to escape and I was forced to watch! Saddest part of the whole thing, I was the FATTEST person there! It was such a cruel dream.
I dreamed that I was at Kmart and owned a baby panda bear that got shot. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. It was devastating...


Can someone please psychoanalyze these for me?


  1. Well let's take the couch for a minute.
    Transforming is a big part of becoming pregnant and becoming a mother. Your life will transform around your new addition to your family. You will also wish you had the power to transform into someone else on those real bad days. Problem solved

    The Gang, well, we are all part of some type of gang and as our family grows our Gang gets larger. Gold is what your looking for in a new born. Hence, the Golden child. Problem solved

    I have to assume you were recently destroyed in Mario Brothers by Dana hence becoming the biggest loser. Also your childhood defeats in Mario Cart by your father most likely feels like a Bad Beatdown and has inpacted your mental health for life. Hence the Biggest Loser
    Problem Solved

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    Remember what My Grand Daddy said
    Don't touch that snake boy,
    The height of your stump is everything.

  2. OMG, I love these dreams, especially since you never had any before getting pregnant!!! My favorite has to be the biggest loser one because of its complete awesomeness. - Rach