Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doc Update

I waddled my way to my OB appointment as well as to see the chiropractor this morning.
Everything went well with the OB. I'm even to the point where I'll start going to see the doc every week! Eeek!
That makes it seem close-and yet still very far away...
But anyhow, blood pressure is still excellent! I managed to keep that pesky weight under control yet again (that's twice in a row if anyone is counting!). I had the Strep B test thingy done today. It was NO WHERE near as bad as it sounds when you read about it. And if you haven't read about it then I suggest that you do not...trust me. You won't ever look at a Q-tip the same.
Baby seems to be doing just fine. She's still sideways but it seems as if her head is down at least. She's kind of still curled up like a shrimp. Her back is straight across, up near my rib cage but the doc found her heartbeat below my belly button on my left side. She is just kind of dangling around in there... The doc said if she's still kinda sideways at the next visit she'll wheel in the portable ultrasound so we can have a good look at her. The doctor even suggested that she might be a long baby which is why she's all curled up funky. I don't know if I buy that...Dana and I are both kind of short so I doubt she's long-but who knows? I am still only at 35 week so she's got a little bit of time to start shifting around.

Chiropractor went well today too. This is the first time he didn't pop the bones in my neck..thank goodness. I HATE that part. We talked about the baby being crooked and he worked on stretching out some of my round ligaments trying to make a bit more room for her to shift around.

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  1. I think myself and Lorie are going to have some time off in May and June, I will let you know the dates, I was thinking that you could just hold off having that baby till then. Check with me before you go into labor