Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Update

How far along? 35 weeks! Which means only 35 days till due date! I do understand that logically that is a VERY SHORT amount of time but it really seems like fooorrreeeevvveeeerrrr to me.
Total weight gain/loss: I don't know this week but I will be back at the doctor's office on Tuesday to find out!
Maternity clothes? Certainly-actually, it's mostly sweat pants/yoga pants recently. Getting dressed requires far too much work.
Stretch marks? Not so much. I think there is still that one little area from last week that might be starting to act up but it hasn't grown-thankfully.
Sleep: Bad, bad, bad. I get up at least twice a night to pee and then I'm awake every hour or two because my shoulders/hips are getting sore from being on my side. Dana is also not getting much sleep because the amount of effort it takes me to flop over roll over onto my other side is quite a bit.
Best moment this week: A friend threw Dana and I a BBQ/Baby Party at our house on Saturday. We had a GREAT time! In all there were about 17 people that came-the ladies pretty much kept to the house and the men folk stayed outside with the grill, beer and cigars.
Woes: Rib pains have subsided a bit-I guess I should send the chiropractor a thank you card at some point. I've got a interesting pain that happens every now and then-somedays worse than others-and I SWEAR it feels like she's got her little fingernails and trying to claw her way out of my cervix. Surely that's not what it is...but it feels that way. It's the best description I can come up with!
Movement: Yup, she's still wiggling around. Definitely not as big of movements as she used to since she's getting bigger and bigger and her space is getting smaller and smaller. She gets hiccups ALL THE TIME.
Food cravings: None
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? It's still playing Switzerland and staying neutral. It's not in or out these days-just flat
What I miss: Sleep
What I am looking forward to: Doctor appt next week! Can't wait to see if she has moved any-I think she's still sideways but a second opinion would be interesting to hear. I definitely need to ask what the Army docs do for sideways babies just in case she stays that way...
Weekly Wisdom: "Oh Beth, you're going to need a bigger diaper bag than that..."-Friend from baby party
Why am I the only one in loooove with my adorable diaper bag?
Milestones: Only 35 days left till due date. And only 2 weeks left of work (which sounds like a LOT more than it's really only 4 days of actually going to work since I'm down to two days a week now).

And here are just a few pictures from yesterday:
This is a SUPER CUTE diaper cake that my friend made all by herself:

Finally bought a swing for the baby and it is adorable! We knew that one couple coming would be bringing their 8 week old baby so we put it together to make this kid our "test subject."
Side story: While putting together the swing Dana reminded me to double check that all the screws and such were good and tight because we would be putting sweet Sage in it at some point and we don't want her to fall. I reminded him that we had a test baby at our disposal-no worries though, test baby did not fall from swing and no parts/pieces failed! Sage should be safe!!
Anyhow, Chai thinks that the baby is very interesting so she helped watch her. She's my babysitting, guard dog:

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