Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Month Appointment

Sage had her two month appointment today. Can you believe it's been two months?
I cannot. I think I'm in denial.
She was just about nice to the doctor...only really screaming when the doc was trying to listen to her heart and lungs. Hopefully she doesn't have any heart/lung problems going on because they will continue to go on undetected since it is most difficult to listen to one's heart while they are screaming.
She is now about 22 inches in length putting her in the 60th percentile for her age in height.
The little chunk is 12.4lbs which puts her in the 90th percentile for weight...hehehe...
Upon hearing this my aunt states, "Aren't we all..."
She's got a point.
Sage also had a couple vaccines today. Three shots total and one oral vaccine. Naturally, I left the room and let Dana deal with the crying. He's much better at it than I am. He has a very practical viewpoint on shots and blood draws while all I do is tear up and attempt to snatch her away from the evil people in scrubs.

Here are her most recent pictures. We took a road trip so that Sage could meet more of her relatives. I also got to meet my ADORABLE niece Holly (who is 2 weeks older than Sage). This picture is me and Sage, my mom, my lovely sister-in-law April and Sage's cousin Holly.

This is Sage with her great-grandmother Meme. It's about the only picture I have from that visit because Sage literally cried about 85% of the time we were there....ugh....

Sage snoozing on the hotel bed.

This is Sage's great-grandmother Memaw.

Sage and her great-grandfather Pepaw


Sage (left) and Holly. Check out the massive amount of hair Holly has! She's just about the sweetest baby ever (notice that my violent child is knocking her in the head and she's still got a pleasant look on her face). I miss her already!

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