Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Months

4 Months. Time flies.
Technically, yesterday Sage was 4 months old but her doctor appt was today. I waited to post it so I could give you the fun stats:
**Height: 23.8 inches. That puts her around the 30th percentile. She is gonna be a shorty like me. Sorry baby!!
**Weight: 15lbs 11oz. That puts her around the 80th (technically 78th) percentile. So it seems she is slimming down, contrary to what the fat rolls will tell you, because at her 2 month appt she was 90th percentile. But really, we all know she is a chunk...Dana fondly calls her "chunk ball."
** She is smiling all the time now although she remains renound for the intensity of the fits she throws. She can throw a doosey of a hissy fit-trust me! For the most part she is a pretty happy baby. Just dont cross her, it could be lethal...
** She grabs for her toys now and loves to put them in her mouth. Her favorite toy is a simple rattle but she's starting to enjoy other things.
** She is getting super strong. When she's on her tummy she can lift herself up onto her forearms and hang around like that for a pretty long time. None of that banging her head around anymore. She is tolerating being on her stomach better-I think it's because she can now see what's going on around her.
** Sage still goes to a sitter three days a week and she's doing great there! The sitter has a daughter who is 7 months old. They don't really play together or anything but they seem awful curious about each other. Sage loves to watch the other little girl play around and crawl around.
** She sleeps thru the night! Woo hoo! She gets a bath (which she LOVES) around 7pm and then immediately afterwards gets a bottle (she's eating about 4-5oz at a time now). After she finishes her bottle she's usually all tired out and is asleep by 8pm. Normally she wakes up around 7am.
** She is wearing 6 month clothing and wearing size 2 diapers. She can fit into a couple of her 3 month stuff but it's getting snug!
** She has found her toes and she LOVES 'em!

Strong baby!!!

Ugh! I wish this one was
in focus so you could
see the extent of this
pout! You don't know
whether to laugh at how
cute it is or scoop her up
super fast because she looks so pitiful!

Happy Sage!


Got em!!

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  1. First picture
    Hey Sage, your Daddy is going to stay home and not party with alkieda

    Second picture
    Hey Sage there is bad news

    Third picture
    Hey Sage your not going to live with your Grand Daddy and Grand Mommy