Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First *real* food

We hit that 4 month mark a few weeks back and Sage's doctor said we could start trying to give her real food. I am very excited about this although I understand it's going to create far more work for me. Still excited though :)
We gave her some standard rice cereal a few times and she seemed uninterested at best. It's hard to tell if she really gets any of it down...the cereal goes in her mouth somewhat but I swear the vast majority ultimately goes on her clothes, chair, face, etc.
I decided to give her something with a bit of flavor-just to see if it made a difference. I wouldn't want to eat that gross rice cereal either...Dana and I went to the grocery store and picked out a lovely acorn squash (which I have never eaten by the way...I figure Sage is a good guinea pig for this sort of thing). I chopped it up, steamed it, food processed it into mush and then thinned it down a tad for her.
She LOVED it! She was doing great at openning her mouth and letting me put the spoon in there. Again, hard to tell how much she actually ingested because the vast majority seemed to be on her bib, face, chair, hands, etc. But she kept openning up her mouth to get more and didn't spit any at me. I take that as a victory. She even started to fuss at me when I wasn't fast enough. Miss Piggy :)
The truly sad part of the whole ordeal is that Dana did grab the camera for pictures but I had forgotten to put the memory card in it so it didn't save a single photo! UGH! I think we might have captured some of it on video.
I did get some photos of the second time I gave her the squash so those will have to do. I'll post them as soon as I download them onto the computer.

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  1. Awwwww!!!!!! I am so glad she liked it... she definitely has the Beard gene for eating! My kids were the same way... screaming when I didn't shovel the food into their mouths fast enough! :)