Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby food fiasco

I think most everyone knows that I'm making all of Sage's baby food.

*well that's not 100% accurate. i usually buy one jar of a new type of food and feed it to her just to ensure that she doesn't have a bad reaction. afterwards i start making it myself. i figured it best not to make a million ounces of something she turns out to be allergic to...*

For some odd reason I CANNOT steam a stupid carrot. I've successfully made squash multiple times, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, etc...but for some reason a simple carrot is beyond my capabilities.
The first time I burned the pot. I use one of those steamer baskets and I put in the same amount of water that I had done for the squash-apparently, carrots take far longer to steam than squash and the water all evaporated the the pan burned.
Dana said: "Uh...Beth, something is smoking. And what is that smell??"
The bottom of the pot was literally bubbling...bad news.
So I dumped the pot, dumped the carrots and put the steamer basket in the wash.
The next time I tried to steam carrots, I got that same gross burnt teflon smell as before so Dana and I deduced that the steamer basket may have also been affected. So I tossed it.
Then I went to Walmart and bought a brand new steamer basket and all new carrots.
I tried again.
This time I swear I watched the pot.
I even added water again sometime in the middle.


Somehows I burnt it all up again.
Bottom of the pot was bubbling yet again.

I tossed the pot, steamer basket and the carrots again.

So far Sage is still without carrots-and we are down two pots, two steamer baskets and two bags of organic carrots.

Will someone please volunteer to come to my house and steam some stupid carrots?
Pretty please??


  1. USE THE MICROWAVE!!!!!!! I know there are recipes in that baby food book I bought you. It is perfectly safe to steam in the microwave. Just use a glass bowl. :)

  2. I know! I know!
    I just counted the first time as a mere fluke...I figured that I wouldn't make the same mistake again!
    But believe me, I am NEVER steaming carrots on the stove again.

  3. freeze them first. when they thaw, they'll be nice and mushy. chloe won't eat them now if you're close and would like ours. after that, you may even be able to give them to her raw. seriously, they're mushy!

  4. Huh? Really?
    So you freeze them while they're fresh/not cooked and when they thaw they are mushy???
    That's insane-but clever

  5. My idea is much simpler........ MAKE YOUR MOMMA DO IT WHEN SHE COMES THIS WEEKEND!!!