Monday, October 4, 2010

Daycare Trauma wasn't really traumatic. In fact, it was probably relatively successful compared to what it could have been.
Sage went to her very first day of real life daycare today. Previously she has been staying with a very good friend of ours while I worked but like most military families tend to do-they are MOVING. Yuck! So although she's used to me leaving her 3 days a week she's used to staying with someone she knows well.
I was told she did pretty well-the staff assured me that she'll need an "adjustment period" and that they were prepared for some grumpiness. She took a few naps-two of which were just over an hour-which is GREAT although she was a tired baby when we got home. The daily activity sheet that I brought home has a section where the staff checks off her mood throughout the day. She got a "fussy, irritable" check for the morning and mid-day but made it to "content" by the afternoon. I suppose that's progress :)
We'll see how it goes.
Worse case scenario she's only scheduled to be there for the next 7 or so weeks.

And on an odd note, I told the staff members that she only naps in her little bouncy, vibrating chair-not her crib. They told me it was Ok for her to hang out in that type of chair and to even fall asleep in it but once she was asleep they have to move her to her crib. I told them that she was just fine staying in the chair and it would only make their lives difficult to move her to the crib but they said it was policy. Then the lady proceeded to tell me that if I got a doctor's note she could sleep in the vibrating chair. huh? Doctor's note? Seemed kind of odd to me...


  1. Yeah, that sounds weird to me! They used to get freaked out about W b/c he like to sleep on his tummy... he was only like 3 months old and there was nothing you could do to get him on his back. But the policy is back... so they'd actually try and move him back once he was asleep, and he'd just roll back over!

  2. I assume they have the policy since some pedis say that it is bad for the child to sleep in those seats or carseats.Ian did both. Opps ;-). Our peditrician never had a problem with it, but others do. I think the daycare people are just making their lives difficult, but to each his own. She is adorable BTW. I love her red hair!!