Friday, October 8, 2010

Goodbye Sleep!

Sage has a tooth busting through. At first I was completely suprised at how this sharp sucker was jutting out without me realizing that she was even teething-you hear horror stories about sleepless nights, tons of drool, fussy, fussy, fussy, etc. Sage has been great. All day yesterday she was taking great naps and full of smiles. I only realized that there was a tooth coming in when she grabbed my finger and bit it. 
I thought my child was perfect. She is teething without me even being aware of it. Go baby!
And then we tried to go to bed.
Bad move.
She didn't fall asleep till 9-and she's usually in bed from 7:30-8.
Then she woke up at 11.
Then she woke up at 12.
Then she woke up at 2:30.
Then she woke up at 6:30.
At that point I just got up and gave in.
Maybe tonight will be better...

On a lighter note, she's fully rolling over now. She has been flipping from back to tummy for a few weeks now but in the last day or so she's started going from tummy to back. It's kind of funny. She's just rolling all around. We plop her down on one of her blankets, turn around for two seconds, and she's 6 feet away from the blanket. We're going to need some sort of cage... ;)


  1. I love it when they start rolling themselves around the room! So cute, and impressive how far they can get :-) She is a doll, that video of the sweet potatoes was hilarious!!

  2. It's all cute till you gotta chase them down :)