Sunday, November 14, 2010

I die.

From cuteness that is.

And second, look at what I have to deal with these days. This chair is the ONLY thing my child has ever taken a nap in...seriously. She has fallen asleep on the floor maybe once-and forget falling asleep while I hold her. She's far to excited and spastically wiggling around to do such a cute thing as cuddle. So it's the chair. Whenever she's fussy or sleepy we stick her in the chair. Works like a charm-a few good rocks and she's yawning, give her a couple more rocks and she's down for the count. But now, she's kinda sorta outgrowing it-and she prefers to sleep on her tummy. So she maneuvers herself all around till she looks like the below picture and falls asleep. My issue is that she's precariously close to falling out most of the time. She literally gets on the edge. AND the little chunk is getting so heavy that a couple pounds from now the chair will no longer rock-it will rest on the ground.
I have no back up plan.
Just so you know.
Remember how I said this is the ONLY thing she takes naps in?
Dana honestly suggested we go find a bigger chair. And I'm like, "What? Seriously? A bigger chair would be like one of those mini lazy boys!" So he thought we should look into it. And you know, I considered it...but then I realized she'd fall out.
Who wants to bet that in 3 months when she's FAR TOO BIG and touching the floor she'll still be in this poor chair of hers?


  1. You'll have to upgrade to one of these! They go to 40 pounds.

    Seriously too funny!

    Love ya'll
    Laura S.

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