Friday, February 18, 2011

Golfing Day

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days. The snow has all dried up (hallelujah!), and there is a suprising lack of mud-I was betting on the whole state turning into a gigantic pud pie! A couple friends of ours invited Dana out golfing today so we slathered sunscreen on the baby and took her along. We were guessing that she might make it through the first nine and then I'd take her home but she was EXCELLENT all day long, and we were there for about 6 hours total.
She thought the golf cart ride was hilarious and kept trying to "drive." We'd sit in the drivers seat with her and she'd put her hands on the wheel completely believing that she knew what she was doing. She did not need any of the toys we brought along and was perfectly content playing around in the cart or watching everyone golf. I think she's definitely an outdoors kind of girl.

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