Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sage's 1st Birthday Party

I didn't take a single photo at Sage's Birthday Party!
No photos!
Not even ONE!
Not a shot of her birthday outfit (which was sooo flippin' cute).
Not a shot of the cake (which she tore into like a frosting-eating champ!)
Not a shot of her family (who came from 4 different states-5 if you count me!).
Not a shot of the decorations (which I spent at least 60 hours on-no joke).
NOt a shot of my hair (which I actually brushed that day thank you very much).
But thankfully, we hired a professional photographer and I have the BEST family who took loads of photos.

This post has so many it might take up two blog pages....

Sage had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party which we shared with her cousin Holly (who was born 13 days before her!). They were dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat. In the picture it's difficult to see, but they're wearing matching onesies that say Thing 1 (for Holly, since she's the oldest) and Thing 2 (for Sage). This photo is before they were given their smash cakes to eat!

And here is Sage DEVOURING her cake (because she's my child and we really like cake!). 
And then check out how Holly decides that she is done and walks off-at that point my child attempts to go for her cake and eat it as well.....
Here are some of the food/decorations:

And last, some pictures of friends/family:

I am sure that within the next few days I'll be posting more as more people send me their photos!

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