Friday, May 13, 2011

Very Random Photos

This week I have snapped quite a bit of photos but none of them seem to be enough of a theme to create a whole post.
So I give you our week-in order, but quite random
First photo is from Monday. This is Sage eating her birthday cupcake
This one is Tuesday (or Wednesday-now that I stay at home my days blur together). She had just come back from the doctor where she received vaccinations. FOUR of them to be exact. It was brutal. She was a very miserable individual afterwards-you can't tell from the photos but I swear she was unhappy. Notice her 4 shiny, silver bandaids on her chubby thighs:

I bought Sage a cheap package of those ice pops in the plastic tube things. She likes them. She hasn't figured out how to properly eat them though-she really just sucks on it till the end falls off, then we push up another inch or so for her to suck on. She was having an orange ice pop with Dana and she kinda looks like she's really into whatever it is he's watching on TV:
And this is today. I was doing laundry and she decided that the laundry basket was a lovely place to sit with her toy-ignore all the junk in the background-one day I'll get around to cleaning the house again:

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