Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoe Collector

Sage is going to be a shoe girl. I can just tell. Which is amazing considering I didn't even put shoes on her till she was about a year old-before then it was very sporadic and she'd mostly just snatch them off or bang her feet on the ground till I took them off of her.
But now, she loves shoes. She can't say the word yet-and I don't think she tries-but if you ask her to go get her shoes she'll go find a pair. And they're ususally even a matching pair-rarely does she try to bring you mismatched shoes. She'll even go get our shoes for us and match those which I think is pretty smart because we own about a zillion pair of brown flipflops and she manages to get it right for the most part.
She knows to sit so I can put her shoes on, she knows to unstrap them and attempts to pluck them off her feet when I say we can take them off and if she can't get it off she stands up and holds her foot out to me for me to get it.
We keep shoes in the living room in the front door area. If I have cleaned recently there should only be a few pairs: one of Sages, one of Dana's and two for me. But if you come over uninvited you'll probably find about 60 pair of shoes right there because they just sorta gravitate to that area.
The other day Sage decided to round up all the shoes and toss them on the couch. I swear she has real toys.

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