Saturday, September 24, 2011

5k and a Fair

Sage had a busy, busy day today!
She woke up bright (actually it was dark) and early (extremely early) at 4:45am this morning ready to go! Dana and I took her to run in a local 5k race that was sponsored by the humane society. It was really interesting for her because there were a ton of people who brought their dogs and then there were extra volunteers running with the shelter dogs. We arrived about an hour early to get registered and to meet up with the other couple that was going to run with us so she had plenty of time to sprint around and pet all the animals. When we registered we found that if we combined with the other couple to form a "team" then it would be cheaper overall to race so we did.  And then we ended up coming in 2nd place in the team division. We were nowhere near placing for our individual age groups but as a team we did well-and that was with both husband having to run pushing jogging strollers!
*and yes, there were more than 2 teams racing so we beat somebody!*

After the race we went home, showered and drove to a huge craft type fair where Sage got to ride around in her wagon sampling fresh pork rinds (Dana sampled one too and just about gagged-Sage and I think he's crazy) and petting a few teeny, tiny miniature horses.

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