Monday, September 5, 2011

Camping Weekend

Because of the holiday Dana was able to have a 4 day weekend. We packed up the SUV and took Sage camping with 4 other families that Dana works with. The facility we went to was a large campground with a small creek that ran through it. It was insanely crowded on Saturday night (I guess because it's one of the last summer weekends and the holiday) but Sunday night was pretty empty.
Sage had a GREAT time. That kid loves being in creeks and dirt.
See that adorable little 6 month old baby on the far right? Yeah, Sage scooped up one of the small river rocks and threw it right at her and smacked her right in those chubby was so nice.

This one is a pretty dull photo because none of them were looking at me but it's Sage and two other girls that were there with the other families. It was so crazy to me how she would up and leave to go play with the other kids. She didn't even care if one of us were with her or not. She didn't particularly "play" with them but she wanted to be with them as they played together.

 This is our tent. It was HUGE. We wanted to get one big enough to be able to put the pack and play in but I think we went a bit overkill. It's like a tent mansion inside. One of the other families had the same exact tent and they have 4 children if that gives you any indication of how gigantic it was for just the 3 of us.

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