Friday, September 16, 2011


I didn't get a photo-which makes this post lame.
But tonight we went to get Mexican food, and Sage decided to taste the salsa. This is something she has yet to do in prior visits to the local Mexican joint, but she is getting more and more interested in copying what Dana and I do so she gave it a shot. It didn't take more than a few chips before she realized that it was entirely too much work to have someone hand you a chip, dunk it in salsa, eat the thing and then wait for someone to notice that you were in need of another chip. At this point she began to do what I call "double dipping," except that it was more like double dipping X12 till she had sucked salsa off of her one poor tortilla chip to the point where it was all floppy and soggy. Then she would eat the chip and beg for another one. After about 28 seconds of this Dana proclaims he is no longer in the mood for slobber salsa. And then we ran out of chips-so she started scooping it out with her fingers.

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