Monday, October 24, 2011


I've been too lazy to take photos. It all started a few days ago when I took the camera upstairs to start taking pictures of our stuff. The camera is upstairs and I've been to lazy to go get it when something camera-worthy happens. Truth. Sad truth.
But I did get all of our big items and electronics upstairs photographed!
*I'm doing it for the move coming up if anyone is wondering-apparently you're supposed to take pics of the valuable stuff so when it gets lost in the Pacific Ocean somewhere you can have proof that you had it in decent condition before it took that long sea voyage*
Speaking of our move-Dana got official orders today and a welcome packet. I have this to go through tonight.
It's a lot of work to research beaches.
Hard work.

And since the blog is entitled "Watching Sage" here are a few photos of her from tonight. We took her to "The Barrel" (that's the Cracker Barrel for all ya'll non-southerners).
She was mostly distracted looking at all the stuff they have on the walls
And doesn't she look all sophisticated with a fork? Pictures are soooo deceiving....
Waving her red crayon at me

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