Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Tons of photos to follow. I think we took at least 150 photos while we were at the pumpkin patch today. We were "those" parents chasing their kid with a camera....
 This pumpkin patch had a giant sand box filled with corn kernals instead of sand. Sage was ok looking at it but once her feet touched that corn she FREAKED out-notice the grip the poor kid has on me.
 This was a huge area made from hay bales of all shapes and sizes. There were loads of children playing/climbing/crawling all over it. Sage thought it was pretty fun but she was obsessed with pointing out birds in the sky. Every other photo we took is her pointing out into the distance.
 The next two photos are just a few really funny faces we caught on film:
 Hehehehehe....this one cracks me up

 Sage is checking out a chicken coop in this photo. She was really interested in watching the chickens until one of them looked like it was going to peck her little fingers and I quickly snatched her away-which scared the heck out of her and she burst into tears. She'll probably have a permanent fear of chickens from now on...

 This cute, little goat kept escaping the animal enclosure because he was so tiny. Sage liked chasing him.
I have no idea what's going on in this photo. Sage is crying and Dana is doing something weird...
 This is the corn field maze. Sage took the lead.

 She took her leadership role very seriously.

 Here are the pumpkins we picked. We loaded them up in the wagon!

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