Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warrior Dash

A friend of mine and I signed up for a race called the Warrior Dash a few months ago. We talked about it so much that a few more friends signed up and we soon had a small group headed out to run. The Warrior Dash is a 5k with an obstacle course thrown in the run.
This is what we looked like before we started:
And this is after:
The obstacles were CRAZY. It is a miracle that I did not die. There were mud pits to crawl through (with barb wire over you in case you think about trying to stand), hurdles to jump, ropes to climb, and even fire poles to slide down. And I swear to you, the whole thing was up hill. I have witnesses.
The majority of the course was in woods and spectators weren't allowed back there but there was a giant mud pit at the end and Dana was able to catch a few photos of me and a friend crawling/swimming through it:

 This is a giant pile of muddy shoes. At the end of the race you can choose to donate your shoes to a charity organization that cleans them off and does there charitable things with them. I had a pair of shoes that I had pretty much killed even before the race and I'd been saving them just for this day!
 Dana and Sage didn't run in this one but they came along. I received a "warrior hat" which you will see on Sage's head. Don't be deceived by her pleasant face. She was terrified of it and is terrified if anyone puts it on.
My friend's husband also sat out to watch their baby and he placed himself at the obstacle where you have to jump fire. I haven't gotten those photos yet but as soon as I do I'll post them
Yeah, I totally had to jump over TWO rows of FIRE. EEK. I screamed....

This is a link to a video made by the Warrior Dash folks. It shows a lot of the craziness that goes on as well as a lot of the obstacles we had to complete!!

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