Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today we went with friends to Bellows AFB beach. It was great! The section we were at is military only so it wasn't too crowded and the weather was perfect. This beach was recommended to us because it's got very minimal waves and the kiddos could handle the water much easier. None of the kids we had with us were old enough to go in the water alone, but the light waves made it feel safe enough to get in and not worry you would be knocked over while holding them. The North Shore is super fun to see but the waves are HUGE right now and you don't even really feel comfortable going in far. We have found the North Shore to be a bit rockier too but this beach was perfectly sandy underfoot. The bad thing about this beach is that it's very prone to jellyfish. Apparently they are typically only bad after a full moon...
We spent hours there and had a great time. Sage is starting to come around to the beach. Today she was fine in the water and only cried if a wave splashed her face. She will be a pro soon enough!

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