Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Photos Continued

I realize that it's February.
But we just got internet at the house and I've only now been able to upload all the pictures off of my camera.
Which goes back to Christmas.
So there.
I believe that the majority of the Christmas photos that I haven't blogged about are the ones from our trip to Oregon.

Here is what you see standing in Dana's Momma's driveway:

Dana, Sage and Katie walking up from the Oregon wilderness:

They keep saddles in their home. It's perfect for when Sage needs to practice her horseback riding skills. Gramps reminds her to hold on tight! They also really have horses. Sage rode for about a half hour-until the slow rocking was putting her to sleep. We pulled her off when her eyes started closing and she SCREAMED at us for doing so.

It was a Christmas explosion in there! The house is big but I don't know how it held all of those presents!

Sage, Westley and Lily openning their stockings:

I got some great shots of the kiddos on the 4wheeler! Here is Dana's brother Nate and his daughter Lily:
 Nate and Wes:
 This is the ONLY shot of Sage and the 4wheeler that I have. This was about 0.4 seconds before she burst into hysterical tears because she is the only person who apparently hates the 4wheeler!

This is Dana's old martial arts teacher James. He stopped in for a visit:

And naturally, when you try to get a family photo every kid looks grumpy or is looking away. This is the best one I got!

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