Monday, May 14, 2012

Yo Party Party!!

I just realized that I haven't put up the party pictures on the blog yet...
Sometimes I think I'm crazy.
I swear that I really thought I had done this already!

Sage had a super awesome birthday party. We invited all of our friends out here in Hawaii (& my momma came!) and I made the theme "Yo Gabba Gabba!" after her favorite TV show.

The decorations:

 This one might not make any sense if you don't know the show. But in the above Yo Gabba Gabba picture you'll see that the guy in orange is wearing the same hat!
 The banner has each of the characters on it!

 Even Sage had a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt with Foofa (the weird, pink one!) on it!

 This tiny little lizard came to the party and decided to rest on a balloon. I almost peed myself...ick!
The Guests:
Holy cow there was a lot of children there! We are sooo lucky to have friends here in Hawaii with children all near Sage's age.
And they all loved the trampoline.
It was covered in sticky cake and icing afterwards. Mom and I hosed it off that night so that it wouldn't be covered in ants the next morning.

 She let everyone play on the trampoline. But at some point she did indeed kick everyone off and make the boys watch her :)
The Food:
One of my friends and momma made this little cake for Sage. It's modeled after the Foofa character!
 And then they made these cute cupcakes with the flowers on them to match the flower on Foofa's head!

 One of the characters is this crazy looking red thing with one eye. These are candy coated pretzels that I stuck little plastic wiggly eyes on.
 There is a robot character named Plex. We made 'Plex Mix' instead of Chex Mix. I bought a giant bag of M&Ms from Costco and we dug out all of the yellow ones just for these little cups! Sage and I are still working on the rest of that bag of M&Ms....
 The red solo cups we taped big eyes on so that they would look like Muno! And it's hard to see but the strange looking Orange stuff in the glass is cake! I found push-pop containers at a local craft store so mom and I put cake in them! It's a small bite of cake, a layer of frosting, another bite of cake, etc. I thought it would be a cute idea and I also thought it would eliminate me having to stand there and cut up cake! The kids did really well with them!

The veggies! One of the characters is named Brobee and he has green stripes! So I layered zucchini on toothpicks to represent his character. Half the zucchini is peeled, making the light layer and the other half I left with the outer skin on to make the darker layer. We served it with hummus dip.
 And these are little cups of chopped peppers and carrots with some ranch dressing. I figured a few veggies would offset the sugar rush from the other treats :)
The rest of the party:
The party favors

Sage watching us prepare everything
 Choosing her jewelry for the event
 Giving out sweet kisses
I'm holding it for her because I sorta snuck off to the corner with her and the cake.  She is the type that would be terrified if everyone crowded around her and starting singing. It worked out pretty well because I had mom and my friend who assisted in making it with me so that they could watch. Fairly soon after everyone else noticed what we were doing, but since we didn't make a big deal of it Sage handled the situation pretty well. She mainly liked the icing around the edge of the cake :) 

After party burn out

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