Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sea Life Park

We had the BEST day today attending one of Sage's little friends birthday party at Sea Life Park. This park is like a smaller version of Sea World. There were dolphin shows, sea lion shows, a place to feed giant sea turtles and touch tanks where you could touch different animals. Sage is getting to an age where she is starting to appreciate outings like this and really enjoys them. She had a blast! She was really interested in the animals and did really well the entire time. 

Waiting on the show to start:

 A few of the dolphins during the show. This place even had a Wolphin. It's a whale/dolphin hybrid-never heard of such a thing before. I've seen Ligers (tigers/lions) and zorses (zebra/horses) before but I've never even heard of a Wolphin. The Wolphin did the same type of tricks that the other dolphins did and it seemed to be a similar size as the others, maybe a bit bigger, but the only real difference I could see was it's nose. It wasn't quite as pointy as the regular bottle nosed dolphins. It had a rounded appearance to it. Either way, really cool! Sage pointed and clapped after each trick!

 During one of the shows they brought out these little penguins. They really just wandered around the big dolphin tank but they were pretty cute to see. Sage got REALLY excited to see these!
 Sage pointing at the penguins!
 Sea lion tricks!
 This is what I looked like all day trying to take pictures:
 This was the BEST part. Because we were part of a birthday party package all of the kids got the chance to go backstage and have a small, private meeting with a dolphin. The trainer did a few tricks and we got to pet the dolphin and feed. it. The kid whose birthday it was got a special photo. I  have never pet a dolphin before so it was pretty fun. And since I have a itty bitty kid I got to be with the kids who got to pet it-because someone had to hold her up! Dolphins feel firm like rubber but kind of slippery like raw chicken...Check out Sage getting all into it! She was definitely excited to pet the dolphin!

 We got to feed the dolphin a little piece of fish also. The trainer and I tried to convince Sage to do it but she wasn't having any part of that dead fish. She was really excited to do it while the other kids were taking a turn feeding the fish but when her turn came up and she saw the icky, dead fish she changed her mind. So I got to do it instead!!!
Why yes, I did have more fun than the kids.... :-)

 Holding our hands out to pet the dolphin again!

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