Thursday, November 1, 2012


Just in case you are one of the unlucky few who have been able to visit us, let me walk you through my place of employment...
I work in a building that used to be an old plantation hospital. It's pretty huge ('huge' is a relative term on this little island), and it's spread out over a good sized campus. Because there are so many different buildings on the campus there are a few different companies that reside there.
The main building is where I work.
And in the building directly next door-as in I could throw my shoe and hit it-is Sage's daycare.
On Halloween Sage's daycare lets the kiddos dress up and go trick-or-treating through my work. There are about 50-75 employees that line the hall handing out goodies while the youngins parade through.
 These are two supervisors at my job-one dressed like a Coke bottle and the other was a hot dog. They knew which one Sage was and gave her double candy.
 And then one of them started to fix her hair....
She was a little overwhelmed at all the people at this point and just reverted back to what her teacher told her, "Hold open your bag Sage!" So she did. She stood in front of each person with her little bag open till they gave her candy, then she kept standing there, so they gave her another piece. Excellent strategy. Eventually she was moved forward by the pack of kids onward to the next person with candy.
I hid in a little nook with my camera trying to hide from Sage because I didn't want her to see me and then assume she was going to stay with me for the rest of the day. But she was at the end of the line for her classroom and as soon as the first two kids in line saw me they start screaming, "SAGE!!! Your Mommy!!!!" My cover was blown but she handled it well. I think she was somewhat overwhelmed with the trick-or-treating to care too much. She just smiled at me, showed me her goodies that she had collected and scampered off down the hall to get more.
Another program that resides in the same building as Sage's daycare and my work is an alternative high school. It's a temporary high school for the bad kids who get either suspended or expelled from school. They got to hand out candy as well. Sage thought they were awesome. Great.
 And then they lined up and marched back to school to investigate their goodies!
You don't think she sticks out do you?
The lady in the front of the line is her teacher. The people in the back are parent volunteers.

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