Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few quick introductions...

Dana and Beth:

This was taken over the summer at a marriage retreat we went to in Charleston, SC.

Let me just hit the highlights:
I finished up my Masters Degree in 2007 and I'm still working towards getting my counseling license. Dana returned from his first tour in Afghanistan (14 months...eek!) last February. Expecting first child in May of 2010!


It's rumored that I baby her, and that it is somehow my fault that she has an anxiety disorder.  Those people just don't understand her that's all :-)
I bought Chai in a trailer park in Alabama on Halloween night a few months before I met Dana. She was the best $50 I've ever spent. She's three years old right now and loves to steal Dana's spot on the bed when he gets up to go to work.
She knows all the basic commands like sit, lay down and shake. Dana even taught her to use her left or right paw depending on which one you ask for. She'll roll over for you if she's outdoors (no clue why she won't do it indoors...).


And last but not least, meet Monster, uh, I mean Delta. We rescued Delta from the pound in May when he was a wee one, just a ball of fluff. Well, he got bigger...
I chose this picture for a very specific reason. This is why we call him Monster more often than not. He's into EVERYTHING!! I have countless pictures of him stealing Halloween candy, getting into the trashcan or attacking my poor dog's tail. He is very strict about his feeding times and he makes sure that you know an hour in advance that he's going to need to eat soon. The joys of our 3am wake up call. Good thing he's so cute...

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