Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's talk about gender for a sec.

We got our first present of baby clothing on Thanksgiving! Lana and Marion bought us two adorable little sleep outfits, a super soft blanket and a sweet lamb rattle.
Since today is Black Friday (insert sounds of impending doom and empty bank accounts) Dana and I decided to go shop around. We weren't really looking for anything in particular, just checking out sales. We scooped up a few 'gender neutral' things that were on a crazy good sale, and I was so very bummed that we don't know gender yet. It was probably a good thing for the bank account because I might have went a tad nutty.
I admit it. 'Probably' was the wrong word to use. It would have been definite.

Here is what I know about our baby's gender so far: BOY! It even gave me a 74% chance... BOY! GIRL! But it only gave me a 58% chance. That doesn't sound like odds worth buying pink stuff for...

Chinese Gender Chart: BOY! GIRL! GIRL! BOY!

Wedding Ring/Hair test: BOY!

Family Input: They're torn. Some say girl. Some say boy. There isn't a strong prediction one way or another from the masses.

Momma's Intuition: If you put a gun up to my head I'd say boy today. ::sigh:: But I have no clue...


  1. Why am I not listed here as a source?? My answer is BOY! Schedule the darn ultrasound already!!!