Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy dreams part deux...

Last night I dreamed that I went into labor early.
It wasn't early enough to be a big worry, but it was earlier than expected.
When Dana and I got to the hospital they told us we had to show them the car seat.
And I realized we didn't put it in the car.
Nor was the crib built yet.
AND we didn't have any baby clothes.
So Dana had to rush home to put the crib together. buy some baby clothing and get the car seat in the car.
I was more worried about Dana trying to correctly put in a car seat than my poor premature child.

1 comment:

  1. Crazy dreams part deux ,no obley espanola, could this possibly mean part deus bag, or some foreign creme filled cookie. I dreamed last night that I was Tiger Woods and I found out that Elin was a man baby which was the ultimate cause of my infidelity, part deux her fault. I'm sure (My Space, or Face Book or Twitter me up Scotty) has directions on How to install a proper car seat and Babby Cribbs for Dummy's. The Ultimate One once said

    Those that do and Those that don't are divided by only the smelly air between them, hence, leaving one to the dog's.