Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An apple a day...

An apple a day is probably what I should have been doing. Instead, I've been substituting a candy cane or three here and there...
I had a doctor's appointment today. It all went very well except for the obscene amount of weight I've gained over the last 4 weeks.
As Dana and I walked to the back to get weight and vitals the nurse asked if I'd always weighed with my shoes on. I nicely explained that indeed I do keep my shoes on because it makes me feel a tad better when I see the number pop up on the scale. I can rationalize it as "Oh it's not so bad, my shoes were on!" So I jump right on up on that scale (and I might have heard it groan like my Wii fit does...) and the nurse looks down at the number at the same time I did. I gasp and she goes, "Yeah, you should take your shoes off..."
So I took the hooker boots off (Dana's name, not mine!) which was no small task mind you and jump back on. The scale drops 2lbs but let me assure you the number was still ridiculous.
But anyways, enough vanity and tears...
My cystic fibrosis test came back negative. Didn't really doubt it would come back any other way but that's still a good thing.
My quad screen came back normal or "no greater risk than anyone else your age." Again, yay.
And we heard little baby Beard's heartbeat again. The little sucker was trying to pull a slick one on the old Doc and kept rolling around but she found him/her!
I scheduled the BIG ultrasound for next month so we'll be able to find out if baby Beard has a weewee or girly bits! And if it has all 10 fingers and limbs and all that other important stuff....

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  1. I do believe that an Apple a Day was not speaking of a Candy Apple a Day keeps the big girl away. All though I have never been able to eat the Apple without the Candy. I am curious about what is following the Candy Canes. Slim Fast, Diet Pills or would it be a combination of Chicken Fingers and like foods.
    I'm pretty sure that being pregnant means gaining weight. One thing I did notice is the picture of Dana below constructing the Elf house and I'm almost positive that Dana is also eating the Candy Cane's, did he get on the scale? Is this some form of Spouse Support.
    Way to go Dana. Does Santa know you drink beer? I don't think so bud. Did you really mean 10 fingers and limbs, would that not be twenty, sounds a little strange to me, but I guess we will love him/her anyway. Dana will be proud when he/she turns twenty one and can carry a six pack at one time.