Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekly Update...

How far along? 20 Weeks! Halfway there!!
Total weight gain/loss: I’m about two seconds from deleting this part. Nosy question…I can tell you that after going through Christmas I will be getting lecture part 2 from the doctor on my next visit
Maternity clothes? Yup. Bought me some more jeans just the other day and Holy Cow are they EXPENSIVE. I take that back...I can buy the really icky, elastic in the waistband like your grandma would wear type which are very cheap if I really wanted to. As I'm standing in the store with the annyoying Motherhood Maternity employee staring down my back (have I mentioned I hate it there?) holding those in my hand I have to consider, "Do I want to feel fat and be wearing ugly pants??" Good Gawd nooooo!! So I go buy the cute, but pricey ones which make me feel fat but not ugly. I thought it was worth it at the time...
Stretch Marks?  No! *crosses self* Thank goodness. I thoroughly checked myself last night for any potential signs of a stretch mark on my expanding tummy and saw nothing! Although, it is getting difficult to look at the bottom of my tummy these days...eventually I'll have to rely on setting up some sort of mirror contraption...
Sleep: Not so bad this last week considering all the traveling I did. I’m getting the hang of the whole sleeping with a pillow between my knees. Some days it stays put, some days it ends up across the room.
Best moment this week: CHRISTMAS!!!
Woes: I’m past the point of being able to justify significant weight gain. You know, first it was “But it’s Thanksgiving!!!” and then it was “But it’s Christmas!!” Now…nothing, but lack of self control! Mental chant: “Must start being good, must start being good, put down the cupcake, Must start being good, Must start being good…”
And also I feel as if I have been smacked with the 'pregnancy fog' stick once or twice. At least, in my books they call it a 'fog.' I call it 'pregnancy forgetfulness.' It's horrid. I cannot remember English when it flares up. It felt like it took forever to get any significant conversation out this week because I kep forgetting words. Not difficult words mind you, VERY EASY words...basic English words...
Movement: Maybe…Just maybe…It could all very well be psychosomatic. I’ve been getting this feeling, just a few times a day that I can’t really give a good description to. It almost feels like when you’re on a roller coaster, or maybe just a real good bump in the road, that catches your stomach. It’s kinda like that feeling of your stomach dropping, just not as intense as a roller coaster drop. I’m thinking it ‘might’ be baby because it’s at random times during the day and I don’t think it’s a feeling that I’ve ever felt before. Or like I previously said, it could just be in my head…lots of things are in my head...
Food cravings: HA! No time to have cravings this week because I’ve literally eaten everything around me. I’ve been too full off of Christmas yummies to have a craving! Take that pesky cravings! I have alluded you once again!!!
Gender: Unsure…Gram said BOY! If Gram says boy it must be true. But, we will see. The BIG ultrasound is Jan 13.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Self control and Energy
What I am looking forward to: Finding out gender in January!
Milestones: *Maybe* feeling baby move

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