Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We had an OB appointment today and met our new doctor. For everyone who doesn't know, mine left me!!!! Well, not just me but everyone else too! The new doctor seems VERY nice and both Dana and I like her a lot. She had a baby about 8 months ago so I feel like she's going to be understanding. She took a good bit of time with us and even re-went over some stuff from my past OB appointments just to make sure we were on the same page. We got to hear the heartbeat again and you can tell the baby is definitely growing because she was able to find it as soon as she placed the doppler! The last time we went for an appointment it took the doc a little bit to get it because the little baby kept squirming away. Heartbeat was in the 160s and everything is measuring correctly so far!
The BIG ultrasound is tomorrow where they will look at anatomy and *hopefully* tell us gender if the baby cooperates! I will die if they're not able to tell. Seriously, flat out dead. I've already got two girlfriends lined up to go shopping for some pink or blue and I will not be a happy camper if I can't find out!! But on that note, Dana and I have about a million people to call and tell once we find out everything so you better answer your phone! *gives a menacing glare* If you don't then you'll either get bumped to the tail end of the list or hear a highly impersonal voicemail telling you the news...and no one wants that.

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