Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Update

How far along? 22 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +1,368lbs I think…I didn’t check the scale to make sure but I’m pretty positive that’s what it is….
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah
Stretch marks? Nope! And speaking of stretch marks, I’ve been reading my Pregnancy Magazine too much because I’m being sucked into the ads. I went out to the local Walgreens and purchased this Bio-Oil stuff because my magazine SWORE to me it would prevent stretch marks. It’s the consistency of mineral oil or baby oil but has a different smell…I’m convinced it will work. No one bust my bubble. Just let me float around in my bubble of denial for a little while, then you can speak reason to me.
Sleep: Not so bad for me. I think sleep is getting worse for Dana though because I’m gradually reducing the amount of space he has. I’m now sleeping with 3 pillows.
Best moment this week: We can now feel the baby move from the outside! Oh. My. Gawd. There. Really. Is. Something. In. There!!! On the not so attractive side, I look like one of those stereotypical pregnant women who walks around with her hand on her belly because I’m always feeling for the movements. So far Dana has got to feel the baby kick and my step mom felt it too. Totally different reactions though: Dana looked freaked out and Lorie burst into tears.
Woes: I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day while I was methodically smearing on the Bio-Oil. That was woe enough…
Movement: All the time! I’m starting to put together a pattern of movement. Baby is definitely more active at certain times during the day than others. I’ve found that to be a blessing and a curse. On one hand you know when to expect it and look forward to those times, but then if it doesn’t start wiggling right when you think it’s “time” it’s easy to start worrying.
Food cravings: Still gonna go with Wendy’s Frostys. I. Want. One. So Bad! NEED one so bad is a better way to phrase it…It’s gotten waaaay beyond want at this point. I think the drive-thru ladies are starting to recognize me…
Gender: Who knows?? But we get to find out on Wednesday providing this baby cooperates!! Did you catch that? *squeals with excitement* We get our ultrasound on WEDNESDAY at 2pm so I’m sure we’ll be calling everyone in our phones around 3pm…
Speaking of Wednesday’s ultrasound…I had a minor hissy fit on base this last week. I had to go to the Radiology department to get an appointment slip (Dana has to have an official appointment slip in order to get the time off of work) and they COULDN’T FIND MY APPOINTMENT!!! *insert moment of panic* So I begged the lady to look again and of course she said she didn’t see my name down for the 13th. Then the CRAZY lady tried to set me up an appointment for the 28th. She even leaned in all secretive like and tried to tell me, in her personal opinion, that it would be a better choice to have it on the 28th instead of the 13th because the baby will be bigger and I’ll be able to “see more.” At this point the hissy fit began. Now keep in mind I’m in a military hospital radiology waiting room, surrounded by soldiers and old people, and pitching this fit. I explained in the nicest way possible (not…) that she and her personal opinion should quickly go back into that computer and make my appointment for the 13 which is what it was supposed to be. Then the crazy lady (and she was crazy, trust me, I’m a therapist) said, “Well, what about the 21st?” So I said, “I am about to come over that counter and… No, please, the 13th will do even better.” Skipping to the end of the story, she went to talk to someone in the back (probably called security to start making their way down the hall) and made me an appointment for the 13th. Crisis averted with just one tiiiiiny hissy fit.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Warm weather. It’s been sooooooooo cold here!
What I am looking forward to: Finding out gender on Wednesday and getting another look at the little baby.
Milestones: Feeling baby move from the outside!

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