Friday, January 1, 2010

I am kinda frugal. Really, I am.
Well, maybe it's just that I'm about ten times more responsible with money than my husband is which makes me look uber-cheap in comparison...
(Example #1: Just this morning I get up and he asks if we can go to IHOP and eat. I glance at the kitchen which is STOCKED with bagels, eggs, poptarts, cereal, fixins to make biscuits and pancakes, bacon, etc and tell him to get off his lazy butt and go make something or get a second job. Mind you, he asked about eating out EVERY meal yesterday too)
But I digress....
Back to me.
I am pretty cheap. I buy store brand groceries for the most part. We didn't actually own more than one large bowl in our house till recently because I figured that I could just wash the one we had 20 times a day if needed. Only did that one large dinner party throw me off and force me to buy more....My dog has spent the majority of her life eating out of a tupperware bowl because I didn't see the need to get her one of those nice metal ones. When she chewed up her tupperware bowl one day I had to give in.
(My mom used to, and probably still does, wash out and dry ziplock bags after they'd been used just so she could use them again. It's gotta be genetic or something. Mind you, I don't go so far as to do that yet...)
The only really expensive things that we purchase together I buy I can easily justify.
Except for yesterday.
Something came over me at the "Chic Bebe" store.
(Which I NEVER would normally have walked into because I realize that everything in that place is horribly over priced. They had bibs for $20. Did you hear that? It. Was. A. BIB! Oh, but they were sooo soft.....)
Regardless, I walked in and got sucked in immediately....
I found true love in that store. The heart stopping, sweaty palms kind of love.
I know what you're thinking already...No, he wasn't tall, dark and handsome. And yes, I should be saving "true love" for the hubby (who is still hungry by the way because he never went to make himself breakfast. He's holding out that I'll do it. ::insert evil laugh::)
I found love in a diaper bag. Oh, but it's not just any old mangy diaper bag. This is a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Even the name exudes greatness (and cuteness). There will be no cartoon animals or tacky colors on my bag for my child!
At this point in my story I have to give the poor, starving hubby some credit. Because he is the opposite of frugal he said nothing about the RIDICULOUS price tag and pulled it off of it's throne the shelf muttering about how he just 'doesn't get it.' He wasn't thinking about how many times we could have went to IHOP off of that money, or how the number that appeared on the register was more than our electic bill last month. Nope, my hubby just whipped out the debit card and said, "Whatever you want babe."
*high fives all around for my hubby*
The bag:

The awesome fold-up insert that fits inside so mah baby doesn't have to lay on a germy surface (or get poop all over someone's carpet...)


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