Thursday, January 28, 2010

When the moon hits your eye...

The hubby has started a guard duty that is conveniently only required every other day. Today just happened to be his day off. I made pizza for lunch.
Now before you go off thinking what a good wife I am let me just mention that it was only one of those pizza's you buy in the freezer section at the store. There was minimal effort involved.
Well, I thought it would be minimal effort. Apparently I decided to do the MOST MINIMAL I could do and cooked that bad boy with the cardboard still attached!
Nope, it didn't catch on fire.
There was a plumber in the house at the time I realized my mistake though. I hurried to shove the pizza back into the oven before he could notice. Why I thought it would be horribly embarassing I dunno...
Oh wait, because it would have been.
Who cooks a pizza with the cardboard bottom still on it?
And if anyone is curious about just what happens if you lose your mind and decide to make your own pizza with the cardboard's not all that interesting. The top cooked beautifuly as normal but the bottom was slightly mushy. Not mushy enough to be doughy or gross just not that yummy crispiness that pizza bottoms are supposed to be.
I don't think Dana even noticed.
Of course I didn't tell him either...

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