Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coolest Thing!

I follow a lot of other blogs-seriously, I'm not talking one or two-it's a LOT. I have some good pregnancy/mommy blogs that I enjoy but my favorite ones have to be the BAKING and COOKING blogs. I just love it. I can't explain how much I enjoy getting new recipes and seeing how creative other folks are out there. The hubby appreciates these blogs too-especially at dinner time. He just doesn't realize that I find the recipes for all our best meals/desserts from other sites. He still thinks I'm just that good...shhh! Don't tell!!
Being as how I am still pretty new to the whole blogging thing I never realized how much COOL stuff is out there in blog-land. Some of these people actually give away prizes! Now, I've never actually won any of those said prizes but it's still kind of thrilling to enter and think "what if..." And even when I don't win I still find all sorts of neat stuff online.
::I will get to the point of this story eventually::
As I was scrolling through my fave blogs yesterday, (at least I think it was yesterday-days are blurring now that I'm on maternity leave) I found that one of them was hosting a giveaway! The nice blogger from Bake It Pretty was featuring a cookbook prize (and we all know I do loooove the cookbooks-I seriously need a bookshelf for all of mine at this point-or maybe an intervention). Sweet Kathleen's Cookbook:Old fashioned coffee cakes, loaf cakes and pound cakes.
Is your mouth watering? Mine is...Mmmmm...pound cake.
All you had to do to enter was peruse Ms Sweet Kat's blog and post a comment on what type of recipe you'd like to see her make. Easy enough right? ::and I totally found the yummiest looking Pecan Bar Cookies to make while I was there::
So I'm good at following directions. I posted my thoughts-which were obviously about chocolate. Because I love chocolate. Seriously. LOVE. Chocolate.
:: eating a piece of chocolate pie as I type ::
Lo and behold, this morning as I was again scrolling through the blogs I follow, I noticed that Sweet Kat put up a CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE GLAZE recipe. Be still my heart. I'm in love.
And she did it just for me! Seriously! Look at the link. I have a shout out. That nice lady took pity on my pregnant, waddling, chocolate craving self and posted a recipe just for ME.

There's no way the doctor can comment on my weight gain this week! I have an excuse! If someone posts a recipe just for you then you are totally obligated to make it and eat the whole thing right? Right?

Let's just pretend that I wouldn't go on and do that already without the obligation part shall we....

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  1. Hi Beth. It was my pleasure to post that recipe for you. I am so excited about your baby. I now have a contact me button on my blog sooo, please let me know when you have your little bundle of joy and of course, if you still have any cravings just ask. My very best wishes to you. Kat