Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I'm 2 days late with this post...but that's what a lack of sleep will do to you.
I swear, we both knew the day of our anniversary...I'm just behind in posting!
On the 25 we had been married for three years!

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  1. Lack of sleep and days pass with dates that have meaning of importance except for times of hardship and responsiblity that have never been realized. Sometimes you just give it the big wooo hooo and let it go. 3 years would have to be better than most considering its the end of time for what we called in the past (human being). Time for this , time for that, passing time, little sleep but lots of thoughts. We all have baby's and mine is simply the mind, running wild at night with good and bad thoughts, telling it to be quiet and go to sleep is of little use in this situation. And speaking of anniversary, who said it was 12 months and what makes it a month or a week or a day or an hour etc, etc. I think the best explanation of a missed date is to simply say, not in my world.