Sunday, May 23, 2010

Projectile Poop

I got pooped on today.
Not just any poop. It was the projectile kind.
I'm talking it seriously FLEW across the room.
In hindsight I should have just stood there and took it. I should have just let it get all over my shirt. But I didn't...
In my defense I think it's some sort of self preservation/defense mechanism to leap to the side if something unpleasant comes flying towards you.
So anyhow, I ducked. Well, more like jumped to the side. If I had ducked it would have been in my hair (gag!).
The poop was EVERYWHERE. Seriously.
Here is a list of everything that got pooped on.
1. My shirt
2. My jeans
3. The changing table pad
4. The changing table wood
5. The carpet
6. Katie, the MIL, clothing
7. Chai
That's right, she pooped on Chai too. The poor dog got pooped on.
We were all standing in the room when it happened. All I can remember is shrieking to Dana that Chai had been pooped on and to clean her off...
It was bad ya'll. Seriously. Bad.

1 comment:

  1. Projectile pooping in somes countrys is a sport. Here in America, we men folk would be proud of a feat such as that, kinda like the winner of the fart contest. Chia should look upon this as an honer. She was there to witness such a great feat.