Saturday, May 22, 2010


Posting has been low this last week. It's kind of strange...each day is very different with Sage and yet, they're all pretty much the same. She eats (more on that later), sleeps (again, more on that later) and poops. She's becoming slightly more alert each day and we get to see her awake more often. The best times are when she's awake and content. She just looks all around, makes the CUTEST faces, and stretches out her arms and legs. The child makes the craziest noises-seriously. I never knew that tiny, little babies made so much noise. I'm not talking about crying-it's the gurgling, cooing, grunting, etc. She does cry though....goodness that kid has an attitude. Must be a trait from the Beard side ;)
Another thing, she has is an appetite. So far it seems her schedule is to be pretty content and sleepy through the morning/day, and around 7pm she starts this glorious thing called cluster feeding. Basically, she is STARVING for about 4 hours. She fusses, she eats, she fusses, she takes a 15 min nap, she eats, she fusses, she eats, another 15 min nap.....for about 4 hours.
Sleeping is Ok....she has not great nights and then she has had just ok nights. She typically wakes up about every two hours and wants to eat. We change her diaper if needed and it takes her about 15 min to half an hour to get back to sleep. She's had one or two nights where she's stretched her sleep out to about three hours (oh and those were blessed nights!) and then one hellish night where she never made it to a whole hour asleep. That night happened to be the night before Dana went back to work. Good thing he wasn't operating heavy machinery that day...We've got her in the pack and play at night so that she's right beside the bed. It's been nice having her so close but I think once I'm healed up she's moving to her own room. I hear every tiny noise she makes so I'm sure that having her in another room will help with sleep.
I suppose it could always be worse :) So far it's been extremely manageable because we've had the good luck of having excellent helpers. My mother stayed with us for a week, my stepmom stayed for a few days and now Dana's mom is here. With all this good help we've managed to eat decent meals, make sure we shower, and I've gotten a nap most days.
I'm feeling a bit better each day. My incision still hurts like a ::bleep:: but it's steadily improving. I'm way more mobile than I was and can now get myself off the couch and out of bed all by myself! Woop!!
We even took her out for her first official outing today! We all ran to Old Navy and went to lunch.
We're not counting all the hospital trips as outings...

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