Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jaundice Update

We went to the hospital AGAIN today...but it's the last time ::insert happy dance::
We've been to that stinking place every single day since she's been home. The doctor that Sage has been seeing has been concerned about her billirubin levels since she was slightly jaundice (can you be slightly jaundice? kinda like slightly pregnant?). Either way...they were never too high but they were high enough that she turned a tad yellow. The doctor is a temporary one that is seeing her till she gets her primary care doc (and that is next week.).
As it's Saturday the doc isn't working so the doc on call at the pediatric ward was to see her and he basically said our doc has been extremely cautious to the point where it's unnecessary. He basically said she looked great and the level she was at yesterday was off the scale low risk. Thankfully, we didn't have to get her blood drawn again.
My hormones wouldn't have been able to take it. I about bawled yesterday (Ok, Ok... I did bawl). Dana had to hold her was awful. I never left the waiting room. Just sat there in tears. Strangers kept telling me that she was ok...
It's kind of funny now.
Me crying, I mean, not her screaming...

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  1. So glad the bili levels are down and you are done with all that craziness! The kid is gorgeous and I LOVE her soooo much!!!! ~ Auntie Rachel!