Friday, May 14, 2010


Let me just say that Dana is the swaddling master. I'm not joking. He has it down to an art and if you don't get it exactlly right he insists that you take a little "instructive class" with him. Normally I would be irritated by such things except for the fact that Sage can free herself in about 12 seconds if I swaddle her...not my fault. I'm an invalid. He has more practice!!!

Sage has a bit of jaundice. We've had to go back to the hospital every day since our discharge to get her blood tested for the billirubin levels. She peaked at a 16, then went to a 14.2, and now is at 13. We have to go back tomorrow...hopefully it will be the last time. I've started crying everytime her blood gets drawn. It's about the saddest thing ever. Her little feet are all bruised from the heel sticks.  The doctor prescribed something called a "Billi Blanket" for Sage to wear 24 hours a day. It's basically a strip of UV light that runs down her back. We swaddle her with it in there and she hangs out in a type of mini tanning bed. It's kinda funny.

I'm feeling better each day. I am still pretty sore but it's getting better. I'm trying to take it easy and Mom has been adament about keeping me down. Dana and Mom have taken over all the changing and diapers and such while I deal w/ feeding.  Dana has had to get up at each feeding to give me the baby since I can't reach down to get her.

Ugh...I just reread this and it's so spastic.

Anyhow, here are more pictures!

In this one you can see the UV light she has strapped to her...and I swear we had her covered up more than this before we set her down. She kept kicking it all off.


  1. Love your blog, Beth -
    you and Sage look beautiful in the photos and of course the previous ones of Dana with Sage are wonderful!! Anne in Denver

  2. OMG you guys are so stinkin' cute!