Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sage Makenna Beard

What day is it now?
Ok....I'll start at the beginning but make it brief. Then I'll get to the good stuff that everyone wants (the PICTURES!!). Keep in mind I was drugged so some of these times might be slightly off...

Remember on Friday how I got the whole membrane stripping thing done? Well, it must have done something productive because my water broke at midnight on Saturday (or is that technically Sunday morning?). Either way, we had gotten into bed around 10:00-10:30 so you can imagine how much sleep we got that night before the dramatics started...We got to the hospital around 1:30am. I was not having any contractions so all was pleasant. They checked me to make sure it was really amniotic fluid and not that I had peed myself (because although everyone says "you'll know" I totally didn't know for sure...)
I was already thinking about what a funny blog it would be to write how on Mother's Day I thought my water had broke but really I had just peed myself...
Sure enough it was amniotic fluid. We were admitted to the hospital. They hooked me up to the Pitocin around 3am once my labs were back and all the paperwork/consent forms were filled out. Dana and I tried to get some sleep from 3am-7am. I "rested" because sure enough, contractions are painful little suckers...
Sometime mid-day Mom, Dad and Lorie showed up. I stayed dialated to a 3 for HOURS before finally getting to a 7 later in the afternoon.
Short note about an epidural: It was total LOVE when he'd come give me the extra doses of meds but the LOVE only lasted about an hour or two before it was SUPER PAIN! And at some point the anesthesiologist quit "topping me off" because he said I wouldn't be able to push...ugh...Definitely the worse pain ever.
I'm going to guess and say that somewhere around 6pm I finally hit 10cm, 100% effased and 0 station. They let me start pushing. Sage stayed head down the whole time but she was "sunnyside up" as they call it. Everyone warned me it would be harder to push her out that way. I pushed for an hour. No progress. They told me to "rest" for about an hour and sit upright hoping that gravity would pull her down farther. Her head started swelling from being jammed up against my pelvic bones for so long-which just made it a BIGGER surface area to push through. I was DYING (stupid contractions...) during my "rest" so we pushed again for another hour. Still no progress. Baby still at 0 station. The docs all came and tried to manually turn her. They brought a midwife in to see if she could help. They confered and said she was too high up for the vacuum. My doc said I was too dead to push anymore but they all tried to make me feel better by telling me that I had done a really good job trying-she just wasn't coming out. Mr. Anesthesiologist (whose name is either John or Mike I don't remember. We had a love/hate relationship going) came back in and gave me the "good stuff" while they prepped me for a C-section. They took me into the C-section room and Dana got all dressed up in fancy scrubs.
Side rant: You would think that your internal organs seem like such delicate little things. I think they must be super tough because that surgeon was tugging and pulling and yanking so hard the rest of my body was rocking around. It was insane. Weirdest feeling EVER.
Sage was born at 9:55pm. 7lbs, 4oz. She had a gigantic cone head from all the attempts to shove her through my pelvis so we never got an "official" height on her. She was about 21 inches w/ the cone-more like 19 without it...Seriously, it was that big. Poor kid.
I couldn't see her, just hear her. I think I cried because the people kept asking if I was Ok. Dana came and showed her to me although truthfully I couldn't really see anything then he had to take her away where they went to see all the family. Apparently she screamed the whole time. teehee...
It's probably about 11pm by the time I get back to recovery. Family left to get some sleep. The doctor made me stay in recovery for the solid 2 hours because I have a super low blood pressure (which is normal, just took him a minute to believe me) and my heart rate was pretty high.
I think we made it to the room where we stayed the night around 2am.
Ok...time for pictures. I'll post the rest later :)
All dressed up for surgery! Dana managed to look nice. I look like I'm about to die...kinda felt that way.

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  1. I am so in love with Sage. I can't explain to you how heartbroken I feel that I can't be there with you! I want to hold that babe so badly. Congratulations!!! Lots of love, Rach!

  2. Congratulations. She is so beautiful. You will be great parents. Let your love now carry you through those times when parenting seems impossible but turns out entirely worth it. Good Luck.
    We send our love to all three Jeff and Ruth.

  3. You are the bravest person I know! She is absolutely perfect in every way!! Judging from the look on Dana's face, I know he is in love times 2!!

  4. She is beautiful! How is your recovery going? We are putting your gift in the mail tomorrow. Sorry it is soooo late. :)