Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've been properly invaded

Had a doctor appointment yesterday.
I was warned ahead of time what to expect.
I shall preface this with the fact that it wasn't too bad...
And I'm going to try and not make this post too icky.
Turn back now if you're easily icked out.

So...I started seeing the doc every week at 36 weeks. She told me that at 37 they'd start the "internal" exams (ewww!!!). At 38 they'd strip my membranes if that's what I wanted her to do (::faints::). At 39 they would do it again. At 40 we'd start planning the "over do" schedule (which sounds like lots of appointments, something called a non-stress test?, and an induction date).

I declined the internal exam at week 37 because I figured there probably wasn't much going on down there. I read somewhere that the average first time pregnancy usually goes to about 41 weeks so I figured that sounded like PLENTY of time for my lady bits to be invaded in the future. Yesterday was my 38 week appt and I gave her the green flag to do her thing. It was very awkward I have to say. I do feel that she owes me some money or something after that least some dinner. She did warn me that it might feel as if she were reaching for my tonsils-and I believe she might have actually gotten close to them at one point. I planned for pain but it was mostly just discomfort.

End result: Dialated 3cm, membranes stripped, mucus plug gone, absolutely not a single solitary contraction.
This was our conversation:
Me: So what does all that mean as far as labor goes?
Doc: Well, you could easily go into labor at any time!
Me: Really??
Doc: Or you could walk around like that till the 26th when they induce you!

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  1. Lady bits. hahahahah!!!!! I'm shocked that she stripped your membranes. being induced sucks from what I hear. and i know for a fact that pitocin REALLY SUCKS. i'd take pregnant for another 7 days any-time over that.