Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Strategy

So Cinco de Mayo has come and gone.
No fiesta baby for us.
And this saddens me...truly it does.
I really wanted a Cinco de Mayo baby.
Who wouldn't love a fiesta every year just for you? wouldn't be ALL for her but we wouldn't tell her that for YEARS. Kinda like those kids whose birthday was on the 4th of July and grew up thinking that it's normal for your town to throw a parade on your birthday....
After some serious thinking I've determined that what I might have going on is a war of the wits.  I think Sage has decided to play hard ball. She thinks she is in control of this situation or something...and I'm taking back control! That being said, I've developed a new strategy. Apparently the all out begging that I've been doing has no effect on this child. She is immune to my pleas. She mocks them as she sucks her on thumb.
It must come to this.
I realized that as this child shares half of my DNA she's bound to have a sweet tooth. Obviously, I've just been giving into the sugar temptations too often and she has become comfortable. I'm thinking that If I deprive her she will demand to be birthed so she can express her anger and make her demands of chocolate known! That's what I'd do anyhow if I were her...
No more sweets Beth. You can do it!
::does anyone else have doubts?::

Plan C: Bribery. Who doesn't want a pony?


  1. LOL! We tried bribing Ian with ponies, seahorses, puffer fish, and any other item you could think of. He never wanted to come out and play so the Dr. went in to get him :). Hopefully Sage will not be as stubborn!

  2. Beth, hang in there. Before you know it you and Page will be baking together.