Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just to warn you...

Sage will be born soon ya'll-although it feels like forever to me.
::no signs of labor yet folks. hope no one jumped the gun and got excited::
Because some of you dear readers (all 4 of you) might be visiting my home in the near future I thought I would warn you about something that could affect (effect? affect? I never get it right...) you.
Delta and I started a new game about 3 months ago. We recently let Dana in on the game. Well, actually Delta let Dana in on the game. Dana was not too happy about it...
We call it the "Crack Game."
::get your filthy heads out of the gutter::
The Crack Game was born out of my morning primping ritual. Delta enjoys hanging out with me in the bathroom as I get ready each morning. Who can forget this picture? It's him laying on my 'beautiful box.' The beautiful box stores all my makeup and other girly crap.

Makes it difficult to get ready in the morning when you have to dig mascara out from under a cat. Well, after a few days of being late to work I decided he could no longer lay on the counter.

After his eviction from the counter he decided to be sneaky and found an excellent hiding place. He now likes to perch on the side of the bathtub-which happens to be next to the door. So when the door is open, as it is in the mornings when I get ready, he is all hidden behind the door incogneto-like. Very exciting for a cat. This is what you see thru the crack in the door (Get the name now? Crack game? From the crack in the door?):

I call it a game because occaisionally I'll stick the hair brush handle through the crack in the door and he gets all excited and attacks it. Not hard to entertain a cat...
But then something happened. The hair brush was no longer fun for Delta. He decided that swiping his sharp claws at unsuspecting people was entirely more fun. He likes the blood curdling screams...

This is of course where Dana gets introduced to the Crack Game. He was one of those unsuspecting people who walked by and was brutally attacked. In hindsight we shouldn't have thought the whole thing was cute...because now the Crack Game is not just played during morning primping rituals but at anytime when you pass the doorway.
Consider yourself warned. If you come to my house check the doorways before you pass by.


  1. OMG! I am NEVER coming to your house! Cats are so evil...

  2. Hehehehe...he's not evil-just a tad mischevious. You would looove him. He's all cute and fluffy :-)

  3. Hi Beth -
    Not only do you write an entertaining blog but you have trained a Commando Cat! Great photos of him.
    We are thinking about you and Dana and Sage!
    (Aunt) Anne and (Uncle) Gordon in Denver.