Thursday, June 17, 2010

My baby is growing mushrooms

Well, not seriously. She does have a fungus though.
And who doesn't automatically think about mushrooms when they hear the word fungus?
Sage has thrush. She's got to have anti-fungal drops that go in her mouth 4 times a day and then there is an ointment that goes on her tushy too.
Now ya'll, don't go all google searching images of thrush now. You'll freak out and I ASSURE YOU that she is nowhere near as bad off as all those pictures you will see. I googled. It was a mistake.
Basically, all that's going on is she has a little bit of white spots on her tongue (it looks like she has breast milk or formula on it..really, not so gross), her appetite has decreased (the nurse said her cheeks/tongue probably hurt...awww...), and she has this diaper rash that just kept getting worse.
I was starting to feel like a mommy failure before this diagnosis because I could not get that blasted diaper rash to go away. How hard could it be? I have a Masters degree for gosh sakes...and the sucker just got WORSE! My conscious is now soothed. It's just a fungus. Without proper treatment maybe it could have turned into mushrooms...who knows?
How the heck she got a fungus I do not know...I swear I usually wipe off that pacifier when she drops it-most of the time...ok, some of the time...
The nurse assured me it was a fairly common problem.
So now, when you're having a bad day just tell yourself, "It's not so bad. I could be growing mushrooms on my tongue and tushy like little Sage."
You'll feel better. I swear.


  1. Awe poor girl. Thankfully thrush is one I haven't had to deal with - they are quite common and it's not a cleanliness issue. It's a body chemistry thing. And summer time breads yeast - constant heat and moisture. E used to get yeast infections in the diaper all the time. It sucks because it just gets more and more painful until you figure out what it is. The pharmasist told me one thing that can help if you ever find one coming on again (or even now, to help it go away faster) is to find a probiotic, like Culturell, break open the capsule and mix the contents into her bottle, once a day till she's better. Helped Everett a lot, but in GA last summer, he had to have a prescription strength probiotic. It restores the good bacteria that fight yeast. And over the counter anti-fungal creams like lotramin (foot fungus cream) also help... future reference. Thrush is more tricky though since it's in the mouth and you pass it between the two of you if you still nurse. so you have to treat everything. Sure hope she gets better soon, poor girl. Hey who's your pediatrician? do you like him/her?

  2. I think I'm definitely going to have to go the probiotic route. I'm on an antibiotic and I think it's making things worse for her diaper rash (I was warned the antibiotic could get rid of a lot of her good bacteria). geez. Who'd have thunk diaper rash could be so tricky??
    I have no idea who her pediatrician is or if she'll even see the same person. She had a 2 week appt and hasn't quite reached her 2 month one yet. I know we won't see the same provider as we did her 2 week. Gotta love military healthcare :)

  3. oh yeah, forgot you're military. yeah, an antibiotic'll do it... that must be why Everett had so many! I had a transfusion the day after having him, so for days they loaded me up on them. Why did I never think of that?! Yeah, diaper rash seriously is tricky sometimes!