Sunday, December 5, 2010

Middle of Nowhere Missouri

Soon, very soon, we will be moving to the middle of nowhere. Thank you Army.
No lie-at least a million people have told me that Fort Leonard Wood, MO is in the middle of nowhere.

True story. I called yesterday to cancel our cable/internet and the Time Warner customer service representative actually happened to be from the area we're moving to and confirmed it's definitely the middle of nowhere.

Here is the timeline at this point:
This Friday (10th) the movers are coming to pack our house. Our offical "last day" in our current house is the 15th. The apartment at Fort Leonard Wood should be openning on the 17th. Dana must report in by the 20th. I think Dana will be going to MO to in-process as well as get the apartment together and then meet us somewhere betweeen Tennessee and Georgia for Christmas.
Sage and I are going to mommas house in GA. I think taking a 7 month old the 16 hours from NC to MO just to turn around a few days later and drive to TN and then GA and then back to MO sounds just as good as plucking my eyeballs out.
So who knows?
Posts after this week will be sparce for a couple weeks till we get settled into the new apartment and get the internet turned on.


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  2. Well that sounds like it'll work out well time-wise. I thought you'd be here for christmas though! :( on the further downside (for me) my best friend's husband is about to get stationed there too. She's not sure yet if she'll pull the kids out of school and join him or continue the long distance thing. if she does move with him i'll be very sad, but you guys would totally hit it off. so i'll let you know.