Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We made it to Missouri. I know I should have more to say on the subject but my head feels a bit like sludge. I'm not sure if it's the lack of sleep from that 12 hour, all-night drive that we did on Sunday, the overwhelming amount of boxes that are currently staring me in the face, or the fact that I've been on a chocolate binge for the last two weeks and my body is in desperate need of a vegetable.
Seriously, I am going through some type of withdrawals. I've got the shakes.
I need a chocolate 12 step program to attend once I get out of a chocolate detox facility.

The drive to Missouri is a pretty boring story. We had some wonderful Christmas festivities with family on Sunday and then Dana and I left Georgia around 6:45pm that evening. We took separate cars; I got the baby and he got the cat. Trust me when I say I got the better end of that deal. My passenger slept the whole way. I belive that poor Delta meowed for the majority of the trip (he's settled into the new house like a champ though!).  I didn't get too tired during the drive-never felt the need to stop and sleep or anything. I think it was due to the emotional roller coaster I experienced through the drive mixed in with driving through a new place. I spent half of the hours having my own personal pity party as I was headed to the middle of nowhere and the other half thinking that maybe it would be a cool adventure. I think I made it here around 5:30am.

The apartment is ok. It's a small complex and made fairly cheaply but it's not scary and the people running the place seem fairly nice so far. St Robert seems to be an EXTREMELY tiny town and the apartment is smack dab in the middle of it all. And by it all I think it is only about a mile stretch worth of stuff: Walmart, Lowes, about 4 resturants, car dealership, and a couple hotels. We could walk to all of it. I couldn't tell you too uch more about the area due to the fact that Monday was SO FLIPPNG COLD I hid inside. I also felt like crap from not getting any sleep the night before. Today all we did was unpack so I haven't gotten out except to check the mail. I can tell a significant decrease in the amount of boxes though....yay for accomplishment.

We are getting the internet set up in the house tomorrow (at this second I'm stealing the neighbors wireless. shhh!! don't tell!). When we get that finished I'll be able to download all the latest pictures from the holidays!

And, FYI, people in Missouri look really weird.
Hope no one reading is from Missouri...
If you are, then I'm sure you look perfectly normal.

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  1. Ha ha... now I have some morbid curiosity about what the Missouri people look like... Have you seen the "People of Walmart" website? I am thinking it is something like that... I think some sneaky camera shots are in order...