Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Paddy Pans"

Everyone's family has different traditions during the holidays. My mom and I go on chocolate binges (literally. no joke. you would be impressed shocked to know how much we ate this year. i had fudge for breakfast for about a week. not WITH breakfast; i had it FOR breakfast.)
Apparently, Dana's family made something he calls "Paddy Pans." Dana talked about it CONSTANTLY through the month of December so his mom emailed me the recipe.
Side Note: His mother labeled it "Petite Pans" which makes me wonder if Dana calls them "Paddy Pans" referring the the fact that there is bread dough involved that needs kneading and rolling or if he just didn't understand the word when it was said. I should ask him if he realizes that the actual name is not "Paddy Pans"
Dana was top chef. Sage and I got to be his assistants.
Long story short: we made a type of yeast bread, created little biscuit shapes with them and stuffed them with chocolate.
I kick myself that I did not take a picture of the finished project.
I did get a couple of shots during the bread making process.
Here is Sage punching down the dough.

I confess that I negatively judged the "Paddy Pans" but the end result was quite tasty.
I'd still rather have fudge for breakfast though.
Makes me feel far more rebelious.


  1. interesting recipe.. Sounds good tho and the pictures are so cute
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  2. If you want chocolate for breakfast you should have chocolate gravy. Super yummy with toast:) Fudge works to though!

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  4. Your kid looks cute. A new follower from Meet & Follow Sunday.

  5. We did not get the petit pans this year, so I am glad Dana kept the tradition alive! We made sugar cookies instead and I am paying the price now! :)