Thursday, December 30, 2010

The most exciting day ever...not

We took the day off of packing and decided to explore around the area a bit. There is a town called Springfield about an hour away from us which we have been told is the closest "big town."
It was not that big.
Just so you know.
But we did find the HUGEST Bass Pro Shop ever.
I could care less about Bass Pro Shop FYI. But it was really, really gigantic and we were bored so we went. It was literally like going to a free aquarium. They had tanks with fish larger than me and a live alligator ya'll.
And I saw a lady rocking a side pony tail.
We also went to a cheese outlet store.
And we got BBQ for lunch-which Dana has never had.
(Who has never had BBQ before? That's just weird.)
That was our day.
Woo hoo Missouri...

Sage continues to do well. Her top two teeth came in while we were in Georgia. That was a pain for all of us (admittedly probably more for her than us). She dealt with it like a champ though and now she's good as new but you seriously don't want to get your fingers near her. You'd be better off sticking your hand in the alligator pit at the Bass Pro Shop...

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